The Apartments


The 8 Oceano flats are distributed on 1, 2 and 3 levels and 4 flats feature exclusive access to the penthouse.

All living solutions, in addition to enjoy of an elegant common space with swimming pool, pool bar, garden with sun bed areas and barbeques, offer a private mini-pool located outdoors in the reserved green spaces and on the terraces and penthouses.

Moreover, each flat features a parking spot located in front of the building and bike racks; in fact, it must be remembered that Aldea Zama area is equipped with beautiful bicycle tracks nestled in nature that lead to the nearby beaches.

The building is distinguished by an engineering solution consisting of larger foundations and beams in order to support higher loads compared to those foreseen by laws, and thus withstand atmospheric phenomena.

OCEANO, which is characterised by a widespread use of pre-treated wood finishes suitable for long exposures to atmospheric agents, is equipped with a “natural crossed-flows ventilation” system of the facade. This system allows minimizing condensation phenomena and degrading of materials, guaranteeing a more suitable thermal exchange during the various times of the day.

Thanks to this solution, the flats enjoy of a more temperate climate all day long. Moreover, suitable dehumidification will be guaranteed by an air-conditioning system of last generation consisting of inverter and located on the roof, in order to minimize noise.

In view of the large glass surfaces, lots of attention was paid to the solutions concerning metal doors and windows, which consist of low-emission PVB laminated glasses to reduce the impact of UV rays.

The sanitary system consists of a halved storage tank of 10000 litres, properly treated and featuring water softener. The diameters of the drains pertaining to the OCEANO building were conceived and calculated according to their intended use.

The electric system was also conceived in view of low-economic impact thanks to the use of LED lights. All the systems will be managed from an electric panel for each flat that can be controlled also remotely thanks to small optional features such as telephone dials, alarm, remote video cameras.

The outdoor pavements consist of inter-layers of grass and resin "cement-effect" mortars.

Also with regards to the INTERIORS, OCEANO is able to satisfy various requests and furnishing levels, always based on utmost customisation. The materials mostly used are wood, treated mortars, cement resins and ceramics.